This website is a web application that enables users to register, purchase credits and have one-click fully configured and functional Linux cloud instances. Soon to come will be one-click multi-instance fully functional environments for back office and development.

Please register and start using our services today.

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News & Updates

This site is still under construction and functionality will be continually added.

The first available service will be a single instance Minecraft server. We choice this as a simple working example where a single instance makes sense and due to demand. Functionally it is a taste of what is to come.

Technology & Security

All our cloud instances are based on CentOS7 with SELinux enabled and configured by RHCE professionals.

We hope to give you peace of mind that everything is secure with built in patching and backups.


Coming Soon.

We aim to make our application simple and self intuitive but you can be assured that we will start adding helpful user guides and technical tutorials.